American Screening Tour

Hey Everybody!

The UK and European tour was an absolute blast! Great screenings and terrific KARP fans worldwide! Check out the pics on our KARP LIVES! Facebook page.

And now the long awaited American screening tour begins tomorrow in Olympia, WA and travels for a month throughout the US before going back to the UK and Europe, arriving back in the states just before Christmas!

Here are some of the cities that we will be visiting on this upcoming tour!

Olympia, Tacoma, Bellingham, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kalamazoo, Chicago, Columbus, Milwaukee, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edinburgh, Oxford, Paris, Glasgow and beyond!

Unfortunately we won’t be hitting California and the south west until January, so my apologies there, but dates are secured and posted!

Please write in if you would like to host a screening in California, the southwest, or the south and we’ll make it happen!

I look forward to seeing you all at the screenings!!!