Summer 2012 Update

Hey Everybody!

A few things have been happening with the KARP documentary lately… mainly we are partnering up with London based publisher Belly Kids for an art book version of the film, due out early next year! And in honor of the forthcoming book we have created a KARP LIVES! memorial T shirt drawn by UK based Chris Hitchman, see the “buy” page for a peep, you can order it solo or as part of the package deal… we have a limited amount of copies of the doc left, so if you were thinking about ordering one, now is the time!

Also early next month, Friday August 3rd, there is a free screening of the KARP doc at Rough Trade East in London, so if you’re in “Jolly Old”, come check it.

In addition we are asking people to send in high res (300 dpi) photos of their KARP tattoos to be included in the book… please send these in to… and include your name and location!

Thanks again to everyone who has made this project possible!!