One Year Anniversary!

THE KARP DOC JUST TURNED 1 YEAR OLD! And in honor of our 1 year anniversary we are having a sale for a very limited time! All orders between now and November 15th are half off. So for only 10 bux you can pick up the doc about this terrific band. KARP!

Also look for the KARP doc on TUGG.COM and arrange a screening of the film in your town, at your local theater!

All posters and T shirts are sold out at this time.

Summer 2012 Update

Hey Everybody!

A few things have been happening with the KARP documentary lately… mainly we are partnering up with London based publisher Belly Kids for an art book version of the film, due out early next year! And in honor of the forthcoming book we have created a KARP LIVES! memorial T shirt drawn by UK based Chris Hitchman, see the “buy” page for a peep, you can order it solo or as part of the package deal… we have a limited amount of copies of the doc left, so if you were thinking about ordering one, now is the time!

Also early next month, Friday August 3rd, there is a free screening of the KARP doc at Rough Trade East in London, so if you’re in “Jolly Old”, come check it.

In addition we are asking people to send in high res (300 dpi) photos of their KARP tattoos to be included in the book… please send these in to… and include your name and location!

Thanks again to everyone who has made this project possible!!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible

Hey Everybody!

Well, even though the KARP doc is playing at one off screenings throughout America and even Australia over the next couple months, the mammoth 53 date, 8 country, 3 language screening tour we went on for the KARP doc is over… and it was absolutely incredible, with packed theaters, repeat screenings, and rabid fans… Thanks so much to all the theaters, press, record shops, and individuals who made it possible… it was a truly Magical Experience. Make sure to check out our KARP LIVES! FB page for pictures from the theaters and events.

The KARP doc got a 3 out of 4 stars in the Seattle Times and an “Excellent” in the San Francisco Bay Guardian… there was a lot of radio, web, & print press for the doc so be sure to check it out on the KARP LIVES! FB page and hopefully soon here, on an upcoming “press” page.

Write in and let us know if you’d like the KARP doc to be available at your local record store and we’ll do our best to get it there, or check in at our “buy” page to order online…

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!!

American Screening Tour

Hey Everybody!

The UK and European tour was an absolute blast! Great screenings and terrific KARP fans worldwide! Check out the pics on our KARP LIVES! Facebook page.

And now the long awaited American screening tour begins tomorrow in Olympia, WA and travels for a month throughout the US before going back to the UK and Europe, arriving back in the states just before Christmas!

Here are some of the cities that we will be visiting on this upcoming tour!

Olympia, Tacoma, Bellingham, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Raleigh, Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kalamazoo, Chicago, Columbus, Milwaukee, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edinburgh, Oxford, Paris, Glasgow and beyond!

Unfortunately we won’t be hitting California and the south west until January, so my apologies there, but dates are secured and posted!

Please write in if you would like to host a screening in California, the southwest, or the south and we’ll make it happen!

I look forward to seeing you all at the screenings!!!

Japan Tour – KARP Promo Video

Watch more videos…

First National Tour – KARP Promo Video

Watch more videos…

Jared Reads Note – KARP Promo Video

Watch more videos…

Chris Visits Boyhood Home – KARP Promo Video

Watch more videos…

KARP Doc is Finished!

So, 4 1/2 years later the KARP doc is finished!

AND is premiering worldwide in London, England October 19th followed by a 9 engagement screening tour in Europe and the UK. (Check the Schedule page for details)

The American Premiere will be at the Olympia Film Festival on November 17th and following that dates throughout the US. (Check the Schedule page for details)

If you’re interested in having the KARP doc shown in your town, just write to and we can set something up.

Thank you to everyone who’s hard work, perseverance, and stone cold belief made this possible!

It could not have happened without you.

Send Us Your KARP Stuff!

Hey Everybody, we’re about to leave on what should be the final filming trip for the KARP documentary! This means that come January 6th we will be done filming for this project and the intensive portion of the editing process will begin!!

This means that now is the last chance to send in pictures, fliers, and show footage to be included in the film. We can use just about any pictures from the time period (90-98) Olympia and remember that interview content about a subject is not enough! We need pictures referencing that material to be included in the film so please send and write in anything you think might be useful.

We are always on the lookout for pictures taken inside, The State Tri Theater, The Lucky 7 House, The Central House…

In a few weeks the scenes from the benefit concerts will be posted here in their entirety!