Festival Submissions

So all, festival submissions for the KARP doc have begun and so far we’ve submitted to: Sundance, the Cleveland International Film Festival, the Nashville International Film Festival, and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

Coming up soon we will be submitting to: the Phoenix International Film Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival, Hollywood International Film Festival, and the True False International film Fest. Of course we’re planning on submitting to many more festivals in the upcoming months, these are listed here because their submission dates fall in the next few weeks. Please make sure we’re submitting to a festival in your area by emailing info@karplives.com and as always donations are appreciated as submission fees are hefty.

We also have two upcoming KARP doc Benefits in November where we will be showing clips and folks will be playing KARP covers which should be entertaining. November 9th at Rotture in Portland, OR and November 11th at Jinx Art Space in Bellingham, WA.

Sorry for the Long Delay

Hey everybody sorry for the long delay in posting up here! I’ve been entrenched in the editing process since we quit filming mid January and haven’t successfully pulled myself from it long enough to keep in contact, sorry about that! BUT you will be happy to know that we are working with a full cut of the film and festival submission begins at the end of this month!

So, if you would like to make sure that we are submitting to a film festival near you, please write in and let us know about your local festival and who we might speak with there!

Also, we are beginning to create a list of theaters that would be interested in hosting the film when the festival process is completed so if you have a favorite art house theater in your area please let us know about it!

As always, we are still accepting show footage, fliers, pics, etc, but time is running out so if you have these things please send them in right away.

Filming Trip

Hey, All just returned from the last filming trip and it was really successful! We added 10 more interviews to the project including a pretty sweet interview with Buzz and Dale of Melvins and some really great B roll stuff as well.

The editing process has begun as we roll into the last few months on the KARP documentary so please send in photos and fliers if you have any or know of anyone who does!

As always email info@karplives.com if you have any questions, comments, or leads on KARP archival.

In just a few days we will be posting a couple of the scenes from the benefit concerts up on karplives.com so keep a look out!

West Coast Filming Trip

Hey everybody! We’re recently just returned from a filming trip to the west coast adding 50 more hours of material to the project! Bringing us to a total of 100 hours of total footage. The trip also yielded video tapes of 6 more KARP performances!!! That brings us to a total of 18 KARP shows, which will be made available in their entirety on this website after the film’s release.

So, with the project nearly shot, we are moving into high gear processing the new footage and transcribing (If you would like to volunteer to help transcribe please contact us at info@karplives.com). Our goal is to have a ruff cut complete by the end of the year.

Also during the last trip we had 4 KARP doc benefit concerts where scenes from the movie were show between bands. We also filmed impromptu interviews at shows giving folks an opportunity to talk about KARP for the movie. These concerts were help in Seattle, WA., Bellingham, WA., Olympia, WA. and Portland, OR. Upcoming KARP doc benefits will be held in LA, SF and Houston. (If you would like to have a KARP doc benefit or just show the scenes at a show in your town contact us at info@karplives.com) For complete listings of upcoming
KARP doc events visit the Schedule page.

As always, we are looking for any KARP show footage, fliers, audio recordings of shows or
interviews, or photos. If you have any of these types of items floating around that you’d like
to donate to the project please contact us at info@karplives.com.

Thanks everybody and look for release info early next year!!!.